This is my personal blog. I'm into high quality body modification, martial arts, the Phillies, and pugs. There will probably be way too many photos of myself and/or my dog. This is also where I'll be answering the more personal questions that people seem to ask me. So feel free to ask away!


Anonymous asked
I'm sorry! I couldn't find your piercing blog! but thank you!

You’re very welcome. My piercing blog is PiercingsByAJ, the same as all of my social networking names =)

Anonymous asked
at what point during pregnancy would you suggest to switch to a pregnancy belly ring? and what is the best material for one?

Please direct all piercing questions to my actual piercing page. I seriously never use this page and don’t know how people even find it at this point. I don’t recommend any “pregnancy jewelry” because I’ve never seen them made of appropriate materials. If you need to remove your jewelry, just let it go and repierce it when you’re able to.

Anonymous asked
Hi, Could you recommend any shops in the Troy, NY area? Thanks!!!

Will VonDoome at Classy Body Art in Albany! Go give him your business and a big hug for me!! But future reference, please direct all piercing questions to my main piercing page. I honestly haven’t used this personal page in almost a year and oftentimes forget that I even have it.

Anonymous asked
I am interested in getting an industrial piercing and I had some questions. If in am younger than 18, am I allowed to get pierced with my parent there? Also, does it matter what size my ear is? My ear is pretty small, and I was afraid that I wouldn't be allowed to get that piercing.

I also forgot to ask you what the price of an industrial piercing is”

For industrial piercings, I can pierce as young as 15 with parental consent. We would need your photo ID, birth certificate, and parent or legal guardian’s photo ID. Size of your ear doesn’t necessarily matter, but the shape of it does so you’d need to stop by the shop for me to look at your ear and see if you’re anatomically suited for the piercing. As far as price goes, I don’t post prices publicly so either come off anon so I can respond privately, or shoot me an email at

Anonymous asked
Whichever account you prefer :)

Guess I’ll post them up on my main account since I don’t really use this one much these days.

Anonymous asked
Can you post pictures of yourself from your childhood/ high school years?

I don’t have any photos of my childhood because we weren’t in the digital age back in the late 80s and early 90s lol, but I think I saw a few tagged Facebook photos from high school era. I suppose I’ll just make an embarrassing post with a few old photos for you. Oh and PS. I kinda forgot that I even had a “personal” Tumblr page, this might be my first post on this account in months lol. Would you prefer that I post them on this account or my main one?



Emily Whitehead the girl whose cancer was ‘cured’ by HIV virus.

seven-year-old girl has become the first child leukaemia patient to be successfully treated by doctors using a disabled form of the virus that causes Aids to reprogramme the immune system.

When chemotherapy failed to work for Emily Whitehead, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, she underwent a new experimental treatment at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

It involved tricking her immune system into fighting the cancer cells.

Dr Stephan Grupp, Director of the Centre for Childhood Cancer Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, told CBS: “We’ve treated the first couple of patients and we’ve been blown away by the results”.

They’ve been very exciting.

“We collect cells of the immune system from a patient, so we use the patient’s own cells. We put in a new gene in those cells that makes the cells go after cancer cells and then we put those cells back in the patient.”

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the win! My dad used to work for CHOP!

: We Love You Jet Set



I’m very sad to report that we’ve lost a member of the Workaholics family.

Jet Set Hudson passed away late last week, after contributing some of the funniest, sweetest moments of our just wrapped season 3.

Jet Set lit up every room he walked into; every set he was on,…



Crazy Joe Davola comes after Kramer for not reblogging his tweet screenshots.


Crazy Joe Davola comes after Kramer for not reblogging his tweet screenshots.

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